Catherine Dwinal


My Philosophy of Teaching 

Professional Statement


   “Music is an essential part of everything we do. Like puppetry, music has an abstract quality which speaks to a worldwide audience in a wonderful way that nourishes the soul” Jim Henson

Jim Henson one of my biggest heroes. He stirred imagination and curiosity in everyone young and old and created a desire for knowledge. He wanted his viewers to know more of what is out there beyond the rim of one’s familiar world and to teach them that it is not frightening. That is how I see myself as a teacher.

       A teacher is one who is friendly but commands respect in their classroom. They also must be organized and have complete understanding of what they are teaching so they can articulate the subject well enough for all students to understand. The most important characteristic of a teacher is the perseverance and flexibility to help those who need them. Whether it is a student in need of extra attention, a colleague in need of a helping hand, or a parent in need of advice. Teachers are there to help and guide.

     Teachers also have a pivotal place in the community because of the role education has in our society it keeps future generations well taught about the mistakes of the past so we will not make them in the future.

    I want to create a desire within my students to have a thirst for knowledge. Even after the students leave my classroom they will want to go read, ask questions, or even go out and experience the world.  They should never want to stop learning about music and exude a constant love for it.

    In my opinion, experience is the best way to learn. To see it and to feel it is the best way to learn it. I have personally been able to get out and experience so much of the world, and I feel it necessary to bring in some of the same opportunities that I had, to my classroom. With the help of technology I have been able to do that in my first few years of teaching and will continue to grow using my technology skills as a way to show students all I can about what is out there.

         Just like Jim Henson, I want to stir creativity and innovation from deep within my students by using my own imagination. I want to teach them that it is ok to think different, to walk on the silly side every once in a while, and that music, above all else will always be there for them in any way they need it. 


 Downloadable Version of Current Document Written July 2013

Downloadable Version of the Original Document Written in April 2009