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Recent News


   I have been hired by Mastran Music Group as their Quaver Music Northeast United States Key Accounts Representative. For more information about Quaver Music visit and email with any questions or purchase inquiries!


      Want to know more about this move? Check out this blog post:




 *I am honored to announced I have been chosen as TI:ME 's 2014 Mike Kovin's Teacher of the Year Link to the Story*





Have you read the October 2013 issue of NAfME's Teaching Music Magazine? I am featured on Page 22! For being so young and still with a lot to learn, I am very honored to have my story heard! Check out 's story about the article: Quaver in the News



   I am back in my same position for year 4! I have been in hiding out, working on projects this summer and hope to bring my teaching and presenting to a whole new level this year! I am available for technology help and Skype calls if desired. Please use the contact me page!


Recent News

 My Blog:

              A Day in the Life of a Backwards Musical Mind 

    A collections of ideas, thoughts, and experiences in my first few years of teaching. 


Projects In the 2012-2013 School Year

 Conference Presentations: I have presented at several conferences over the past year displaying my knowledge of elementary music technology, work my wonderful students in Laconia have created, and my unique projects and ideas for lessons. To find out where I have been please visit the Conference Presentations Page.

 Quaver Teacher Advisory Council: I am honored to be on the 2012-2013 class for the Quaver Music teacher Advisory council to help the company grow and meet the needs of teachers all across the globe.

 TI:ME Marketing Committee: I am one of the newest members on the Technology Institute for Music Educator's marketing committee helping the organization acquire partnerships with music technology businesses, collaboration with them for our annual conferences, and getting the TI:ME name out there.

 Music Ed Motivation Day: These social media web conference events have been a big hit with tech savy music educators across the globe. I have directed this conference 3 times with the 4th coming up on the 29th of June. For more about this event visit:

Collaborative Projects 2011-2012 School Year

Laconia/Manchester Melody Project-  For the month of March one of the schools that I work at teamed up with another Elementary School in New Hampshire and became melody writing penpals. The teacher and I would have our second and third grade classes write a 12 bar melody using half, quarter, and eighth notes on Finale Notepad 2012 and send it to their partner class using Edmodo. We would write little hello notes with our compositions and add to melodies sent to us. This was a quickly put together idea and had its ups and downs but overall was a great project. It taught our students how to compose, listening and critically thinking about melody, notes on the staff, and collaboration. 



New Hampshire/Missouri Skype Call- First time class Skype call for me. It was a great experience. Through the power of Twitter I connected with another music educator from Missouri who was as excited as I was to Skype from so far away. We had our call bright and early in the morning. His 8th grade choir sang for my first year choir and fifth grade class while my choir sang for his 8th grade choir. After our call we connected through Edmodo and critiqued the performances. It was such a confidence booster for my little guys who were just finishing up our first year of performing as a group and a great way for my fifth to learn how to critique live musical performance.


  Downloadable file of collaborative projects: 


Grant Project 2011-2012

      This past school year I have been involved in a grant project between myself and the physical education teacher I work with. We also involved the rest of the specialists in both schools at the beginning of this year. The PE classes received Ipod touches to use and the music classes received Ipads to work with. My students in the music room composed music on Symphony Pro and Garageband on the Ipads at three different tempos. I then took those mp3s and sent them to the PE teacher who used each song in class and the students moved to each song and tested their heartbeat against each tempo. The students took the data to Media where they graphed it in Excel and also in Art they discovered many ways to visually graph data. Our overall goal was to have students more successful in the area of analyzing and interpreting data through trying to answer the question "Can We Connect Our Heartbeat to a Song Beat?". We integrated this project into as many areas of the student lives as possible and presented our findings to several venues in the district and to the NH State Department of Education celebration day at Church Landing in Meredith.


Music Ed. Motivation Day-  

    A project I recently took on after being inspired by other music educators. Music Ed. Motivation Day or #musedmot is a new web-conference that goes on for an entire day and spans across three different social media platforms. Music educators from all over the globe participated in the first #musedmot on June 2nd 2012. Stay tuned to Music Ed Motivation Day for updates on the next #musedmot web-conference date!