Catherine Dwinal


Ipad Apps


  • IAmGuitar- A virtual Ipad guitar that you play just like a normal one.
  • IAmGroovebox- A music creator, all ou have to do is drag a token to any place on the screen to start your beat.
  • mScribble- Great for students with special needs. All you have to do is run your finger over the screen to create the melody.
  • World United- The same app as GrooveBox but using world music instead of hip hop beats.
  • Virtuoso- A full piano that can change size, pitch, and go from single keyboard to double.
  • Bebot- He's my new friend according to my students. Running your finger over Bebot's lines gets the cutie singing.
  • Beatwave- A visualizer, draw a shape and have your students describe the melody it creates
  • Seuss Band- An addictive game similar to Tap Tap Revolution but with funky Dr. Seuss melodies!
  • Moozart- Create music with the melodious sounds of the farm animals!
  • Airpipes- Bagpipes for the traveling piper like myself. Just bring the Ipad and you've got a set of bagpipes at your fingertips!
  • A Jazzy Day- An interactive book teaching students about Jazz.
  • Beat Bots- A loop generator with adorable little robots. Start touching each bot and build your sounds.
  • Crazy Piano- It really is a piano that is crazy. Choose your tones with the funky little critters and start playing and listening to the sound each critter makes.
  • Dust Buster- The best piano app I've found to use in my private piano student lessons. Play along with a real piano or a touch piano to learn basic songs by helping the Granny swipe the germs away before they hit the piano keys!
  • Recorder Master- Use with a single student or full class. The Recorder Master App is a series of games to help your recorder students learn notes, practice going in between notes, and the art of breath control.
  • Melody Street- An interactive book teaching students about the instrument families as they all live under one roof.
  • Pete the Cat- A find it game to go along with the book series. Great way to end the last five minutes of class!
  • Animal Choir- Play songs on a piano made out of animals. Great for identified students!
  • Monkey Drum- A drum beat creator. Click the dots to get the monkey to drum or play the drum and hear the monkey repeat it back to you.
  • Toca Boca Band- Drag and drop the little critters to different spots on the stage to mix your own music.