Performance and Premotional Photos Performance and Premotional Photos Bagpiping I enjoy doing demonstrations and bagpipes are one of them, This picture is from my senior year of high school where I performed live, in front of a large audience for the musical, Brigadoon. 14877861 14877863 14877840 Fife I am an independent civil war fifer and have performed in various gigs over New England. 14877838 Ashland Elementary Demo 19215863 19215864 19215865 19215866 Guest speaker at Laconia High School Band Awards Night 2009 47966221 47966220 Guest Permormers at the Laconia High School Spring Concert 2009 47966222 Drum promos 63196459 63196462 63196465 Bagpipe demo for a kindergarten class 3/17/2010 75334492 Demo on St. Patricks Day! 75334493 Playing for the little children outside on the playground! 75334494 Playing at the Studio Live Audience! 115644113 Bagpipe Gig 115644114 124248799 124248800