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          Thinking about how we motivate ourselves one big solution comes up, conferences. Those amazing get togethers where we can meet with our peers to discuss current music education issues, learn new things to bring back to our students, and get inspired to go back and do what we love to do again. Not all of us can drop what we're doing and attend one of these on a whim even if we so desperately need it. Through the power of social networking we get just a little bit of that motivation to keep going back inside of us. We can connect with our colleagues, collect new ideas, and get feedback on our own work. 

            #musedmot is a day using the power of social media to regain our motivation and make it through the school year. Let's use the Music Teachers group on Facebook, let's start some Google Hangouts and let's have an all day conversation on Twitter with #musedchat. 


I have the following volunteer positions available for January 19th:

- Moderators for all of the Hangouts 

-At least 2 Twitter moderators for the chats (if not more) 




     Google Hangouts- In order to join a hangout please add the moderator to your circles. Click on their name to go to their Google Page.

Visit our Google Plus Page for Updates! G+ Page 

 Subject Moderator
 2pm est LUNCH BREAK- An open hangout can be opened for those interested in just chatting.  
3pm est Music Practice for Young Students (6-9): Advice for an AppCaroline Gordon 
4pm estTop 10: Let's Turn into Dave Letterman and Create our Own Top Ten Lists about Music Ed Topics  Musedmot
5pm estiPad = iPlay, iCompose, iCreate Carol Broos 
 6pm estYoutube Videos to Use in the Classroom  Catie Dwinal 
 7pm estMusical Cross-Curricular Work: Ideas, Examples, and Impact
Rick Beaule

   To sign up for a video hangout please visit the moderator's Google Plus page (Click on their name in the schedule it will link you to their page), add them into your circles and they will post a comment about the hangout on their wall sometime before _____, please leave a comment on that post to show your interest in joining it. They have to invite you in to the hangout. They can have 9 people in the video chat! (When you are invited to Hangout click the notifications button, then click on the hangout invite to join in!)

    Each hangout will also have the On Air feature where the chat will be broadcasted live on the moderator's G+ page and recorded later to Youtube. If you cannot or would not like to be a part of the video chat and prefer to just watch, this feature will be available. 



   Hashtag for this will be #musedmot for Music Ed Motivation. Here is the schedule that will be going on for discussions on Twitter

10 am est Student Recruitment @MrMcCoachBand
 11 am est Stories that Keep Us Motivated @musedmot 
12 pm est 
 Teacher Evaluation in the Music Classroom @MusicHeather
1 pm est  How do Multi-Building teachers stay organized, motivated and positive?

   At 2pm the G+ Hangouts will begin and the #musedmot Twitter hashtag will be opened up as a back channel to share notes from the hangouts and continue conversations outside of the video chats.




To participate in these chats remember to use such tools as:



-Tweet Chat 



 *Any companies interested in being involved with this online event feel free to send me an email*

If you have any questions or are in need of some tech help feel free to add me:


Twitter- @musiccargirl14

Google Plus- Catie Dwinal  


Are there any topics not listed you would like to see discussed?



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