Catherine Dwinal



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   Thinking about how we motivate ourselves one big solution comes up, conferences. Those amazing get togethers where we can meet with our peers to discuss current music education issues, learn new things to bring back to our students, and get inspired to go back and do what we love to do again. Not all of us can drop what we're doing and attend one of these on a whim even if we so desperately need it. Through the power of social networking we get just a little bit of that motivation to keep going back inside of us. We can connect with our colleagues, collect new ideas, and get feedback on our own work. 

            #musedmot is a day using the power of social media to regain our motivation and make it through the school year. Let's use the Music Teachers group on Facebook, let's start some Google Hangouts and let's have an all day conversation on Twitter with #musedchat.